What does the “End” Key do?

The End key can actually do different things, depending on the program you’re using it with. Its main use though, is to help you get from the top of a page to the bottom quickly. For example, let’s say you’re browsing the Internet for some FAQs on a specific topic. You find a great Web site that will help you out, but your question is answered clear at the bottom of the page. Do you sit there and scroll all the way to the bottom? Well, you shouldn’t! Instead, use the End key.

Hit it once and you’ll be whisked away to the bottom of the Web page. This will also work in some documents. However, there it may have to be used in conjunction with the Ctrl key (Ctrl+End) Also, if you’re working with some shorter text, the End key sometimes takes you the end of a line, which is also helpful and a much faster way of doing things.

The End key is located in the little section of keys to the left of the numberpad on your keyboard. It’s right under the Home key and right in between the Delete key and the Page Down key. It can be found on any PC keyboard and on some Macintosh extended keyboards. It really is a great use of a key, so go try it out!