One Across

Word puzzles have always been something I’ve loved. I think it was a trait I inherited from my mother. She still pours over the crossword puzzle in the newspaper and you can find a plethora of word puzzle books on her bookshelves. It’s really annoying when I do a crossword and only miss a few of the answers, not to mention frustrating.

Here at One Across, you can search not only the pattern answer, but the clue as well. Isn’t that nifty? Talk about helping to narrow down the possibilities! I recommend checking out the Hints for Searching link at the bottom of the page. Why? Well, because it actually has very useful tips for getting the most out of your search and it’s written plainly, so you don’t have to guess at what they mean.

And of course, there is more help waiting for you here than just help with crossword puzzles. You can check out the Cryptograms, Anagrams and Reference sections for more help too.

Cryptograms – Here you just paste in the encrypted text and click Go to get help with decoding the puzzle. You can also click the links Easy, Medium and Hard to get a random cryptogram if you were setting up a puzzle for others to solve.

Anagrams – Here you can search anagrams and use the search tips below the search field for the best searching results. They haven’t gotten the search hints up for this section yet, so it’s a little more complicated of a search, but it works.

Reference – Did you get the answer, but have nary a clue as to what it means? Well, at the reference section, you can put in the word and search the database for a definition.

Forum – Need extra help? Well, you can always browse the forum where you can get extra puzzle help, make suggestions and check out the announcements.

Whether you are solving puzzles or making them up for your friends to solve, this is an excellent site to check out!

~ Amanda