One Change = Many Changes

Have you ever had an MS Excel workbook in which you find yourself constantly making the same changes to several different worksheets?

What did you do?

Did you go to the first sheet, make changes, move to the next sheet, make the same changes, move to the next sheet, again make the same changes, etc. (You get the idea, right?)

How tiresome was that?

Want a quicker way to make identical changes on different sheets?

Maybe you would like a way that allows you to make just one set of changes that affects all the necessary worksheets?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, no need to pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming. It can be done and it doesn’t require any special feature or function. You just have to know about a couple of extra clicks.

Ready to get started?


Good, let’s get going!

The first thing you need to do is go to the first worksheet to be changed / edited.

Next, you need to select the sheet tabs of all the worksheets that should have these same changes.

To select a series of tabs, hold down the Shift key and then click on the last sheet tab in the series. You should see that the first, last and all the tabs in between are selected simultaneously.

If you have non-consecutive sheets to change, hold down the Control key and click on the tab for each sheet to be changed.

Once you have all the tabs selected, you’re ready to begin your changes.

So, get busy with those changes, but only on the visible sheet. Don’t click out of that sheet or you will deselect the sheets.

Are your changes all done?

If so, click on another sheet tab.

Immediately, you should notice that the multiple tabs are no longer highlighted.

Now, it’s time to talk about something way more exciting!

Take a look at all the sheets you had selected to change.


All the changes on all of the selected sheets, including data, formatting, etc. are completed in one move!

Now, it’s time for you to do a little happy dance!

~ April