Scam Busters

There are a ton of Internet scams out there today and keeping yourself safe can be a tedious job. But, you can get a great start by visiting this site! Internet scams come in all varieties. From trying to steal your identity, money or even to get you to stop giving certain companies your business, the best way to deal with these scams is to be prepared and educated on the many different kinds that are out there.

This site is a little confusing to navigate, because there is so much going on all around the page. The menu is on the side and the categories are: Scams Home, Search, List of Scams, Latest Scam, Urban Legends, Scam Check, Viruses, Antivirus, Credit Card Fraud, Stop Spam and Mesothelioma.

Scams Home – This takes you back to the home page.

Search – This section allows you to search for specific scams.

List of Scams – This is an archive of past articles that have been posted on this site. Here you can search for scams from the list.

Latest Scams – This is where you will find information on the most recent scams. They are all listed on this site.

Urban Legends – Here you can learn all about which urban legends are true and which are false. Most of them are false, and to me, even ridiculous.

Scam Check – If you are curious as to whether something you’ve heard, seen or received is a scam, head over to this section of the site and do a scam check.

Viruses – This is where you can learn which are real viruses and which are virus hoaxes. I mean, it’s bad enough that there are people spreading viruses, but you have to deal with people spreading fake viruses as well. This section will help you out with all of that.

Anti Virus – Here you will learn why having an antivirus program is essential when you are running a computer that connects to the Internet. You will also learn what a virus can do to your computer and what computer behavior is questionable, as to whether you’ve been infected or not.

Credit Card Fraud – Here you can check out 21 tips to help protect yourself from credit fraud. This is a very helpful section and I was happy to see that they suggest common sense as the best rule of thumb.

Stop Spam – This section gives you seven great tips on how to reduce spam, or stop it completely.

Mesothelioma – I was at a loss when I saw this section and I just thought to myself, what can this be? Well, it is a section devoted to helping people select the right Mesothelioma attorney. Mesothelioma is “a rare form of carcinoma of the mesothelium lining lungs or abdomen or heart; usually associated with exposure to asbestos dust.” (quotes from Because these cases tend to have large settlements, you want to make sure you choose a lawyer carefully. This section provides tips on how to do that.

Even the most tech savvy people out there can be scammed by cleverly crafted Internet scams, so please protect yourself by checking this site out and consider yourself informed!

~ Amanda