Grouping Menu Items

If you liked last week’s tip on creating vertical break lines between toolbar buttons, then this one should be of some help too!

You may have noticed that menus have horizontal lines to separate similar items into groups.

Want to know how to insert or remove the lines? In other words, set up the groups so that they make sense to you?

If you’re thinking that this might be just the thing you’ve been looking for to help organize your work environment, this is the tip for you.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get the Customize window open.

You can either use the Tools menu, Customize choice or right click over a toolbar and choose Customize from the list.

Now, pull down the menu you need to work on.

Right click on the menu item just below the position you want to place the horizontal bar.

Choose Begin a Group from the list.


Horizontal bar in place.

To remove a bar, right click over the item just below it. (The Customize window still has to be open).

Uncheck the Begin a Group choice.

Bar gone!

Close the Customize window when everything’s exactly as you need it.

Don’t you love it when you get to have it all your way?!

~ April