Monitor Mayhem

As promised from yesterday, here is a tip on how to troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your monitor. Yesterday, we discussed troubleshooting a “dead” PC and how to bring it back to life. Well, today we’re going to hopefully revive your monitor and breathe some life back into it. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

If your computer seems to be working just fine, but your monitor is completely blank, try the following troubleshooting techniques. You’ll probably want to go in the order that I list them, but if you have an idea of what might causing your monitor problems, you can always skip ahead to get information on what you really need.

1.) First of all, simply check the monitor to make sure it is turned on. If your monitor has an LED light (it will probably be green), look to see if that is turned on or not as well.

2.) Adjust the brightness and contrast controls of your monitor. Go ahead and select the highest control possible. If you go to the maximum, you should be able to see a picture if your monitor is still in working condition. Here’s a tip you can follow on adjusting these controls.

3.) Check the video cable from the monitor to the computer to be sure it is properly connected.

4.) Check on the power cable and make sure it is connected correctly on both ends.

5.) Try a different monitor with your computer. If the second one doesn’t work, your problem may lie in the display card. This is a pretty good second opinion, so I would just replace the display card as soon as you can and your problem should be fixed.

6.) Try the original monitor on another computer, if possible. If it still doesn’t work, you know the monitor is at fault and not your computer. The only other thing you can do from here is replace the monitor or have it repaired by a trained technician. Take it to a computer repair store if you don’t want to buy a whole new one.

Now, there are a couple other things that could be going wrong with your computer. Maybe your computer boots all the way up and you receive a picture on your monitor, but maybe all you see is “junk.” What could be causing that? Well, more than likely, this type of thing means that your display card is defective. Try a different card or replace it. If that fixes the problem, you’ll know your first display card is bad. You can still try the card on another computer before you completely rule it out, but if it displays the same “junk” on the second computer, it’s a pretty good indicator that it’s bad.

One other problem you could be facing is that the video display on your monitor fades and brightens without you wanting it to or maybe the view is wavy. If this is the case for you, the voltage may be fluctuating due to so many appliances or electric drives on the same branch circuit of your home. Turn off all of the other appliances and peripherals (such as printers, external modem, microwave, oven, etc.) and see if that solves the problem with your monitor. If it does, you’ll need to separate some of your devices onto different power circuits.

You can also try a different monitor on your computer. If the problem persists after that, try swapping the display card with another one. If you still have trouble, you may just need to get the monitor repaired or replace it.

Hopefully with these guidelines, you will be able to figure out what is causing your monitor mayhem and you’ll be able to get the problem solved ASAP!

~ Robert Desacada