Do you ever search multiple Web sites when you’re looking for something? I do all the time. I used to have a folder of links and go to each individually. That was, until I found Rollyo. Rollyo works with Firefox and it lets you create a custom search engine by hand-picking links. Then you can either link to it or even add it as a search to Firefox. I decided to create a sports search as an example.

To create your own:

1. Go to

2. Type in the name of the search roll you want to do. I called mine “Sports Search.”

3. Now, you can pick the sites you want your search to look on. I chose ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and Sports Illustrated.

4. If you would like your search to show up in the Rollyo directory so others can see it, you can pick a category for it as well.

5. Also, pick keywords to help other people find your search.

6. Next, choose to allow others to download and use your search engine.

7. Click “Create Searchroll.”

8. The next page will ask you to create an account. Choose a username, password and fill in your e-mail address.

9. Voila! Your search has been created. Your browser should display a page like this:

10. To add it to Firefox, just click the link that says “Add Your New Searchroll to Firefox.”

11. A list will come up. Next, click one searchroll to add it.

12. A dialogue box will appear, prompting if you would like to add it. Select OK.

13. Bam! You now have a custom search. When you type in something, you should get results from multiple Web sites.

You can experiment and create your own. Click here to link to my search and to download it to Firefox, click here.

Rollyo is expected to have functionality for widgets soon as well. To read more about widgets, click here.

Have a fun time creating your own searchroll!

~ Neil Patel