The Aviation History Museum Online

Welcome to the Aviation History Museum Online. Navigation is very straightforward here, compared to some museums online. You’ll find all the sections right on the main page. They are: Aircraft, Airman, Engines, Theory, Photo Gallery, Early Years, Other Sites, WWI Aeroplanes, E-column, Jesse Davidson Archives, Aircraft Year Book Project, Garber Restoration Facility Tour and Aviation Models.

Aircraft – In this section, you’ll find the links to the planes under the Description heading. On the main page of this section, you can also find out who the manufacturer was, the country it came from, as well as, whether it has text or is in color. What do I love about this section? Why, the great photos and drawings of these amazing aircrafts, of course!

Airman – If the planes weren’t enough of a lure here, you can even learn about the men who flew these crafts. Just click on the airman’s name and you’ll get a detailed biography of that person.

Engines – Here you can not only check out the engines that are in the planes, but you can check out the airplane engine theory as well. I think engines are pretty neat machines, considering the job they do of running the planes. This section works like the airman/aircraft sections. Just click on the link to get the specifics on the engine you want to know more about.

Theory – If you’ve ever wondered how it’s possible to fly, this is the section for you. Here you will learn all about the theory of flight, as well as, the technology that goes into constructing a plane.

Photo Gallery – You know by now that I love a good photo gallery. Well, let me tell you, this one didn’t let me down. Check out awesome images of the planes here! No really, check them out!

Jesse Davidson Archives – This may be the last section I’m going to tell you about, but let me tell you, I definitely saved the best for last. Here you can learn not only about aircrafts and those who piloted them, but you can also learn about the jobs they did. For example, delivering the mail. You can also learn about the start of airlines and even get some recommendations on some great books.

All of the other sections are delightful too and if you click the link under the photo on the main page (“Short Stop” by Len Krenzler), you’ll be taken to some really great airplane art. Enjoy!

~ Amanda