Homework Center

Welcome to Fact Monster’s Homework Center. This is a fabulous Web site to bookmark for your kids or grandkids who are probably heading back to school very soon. Here they kind find help on specific subjects, along with an added bonus of a huge reference section to search in. In the middle section of the page, you’ll find the Search Engine, which will search almanac, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia and even biographies for the information you are looking for. What a great homework tool!

In the middle of the page, you will also find links to the following subjects: Geography, Mathematics, History, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. Also, I must mention the Skills section where you can learn more Writing/Research Skills, Speaking and Listening, as well as, Studying skills. I love the skills section, because those are harder to master than subjects you can learn out of a book. I still get butterflies in my stomach when speaking in front of people. I don’t know why and I was even a theater major in school! Also, learning to study and do it well is a tip that will help your child throughout life.

Further down the middle of the page, you can find Tools for School. There’s calculators, chemistry help, the periodic table, sun, moon and stars. If you look just below that, there’s a great Math Flashcard section as well.

On the side menu, you’ve got great sections like World & News, U.S., People, Word Wise, Science, Math & Money, Sports, Cool Stuff, Games & Quizzes and if you scroll down just a bit, Fact Monster Favorites.

With all this at your disposal, your kids can rule the school! Well, at least the homework their teachers give them. Check it out!


~ Amanda