Partial Word Selections

While highlighting parts of more than one word in either MS Word or PowerPoint, have you ever noticed that the program will automatically highlight all affected words completely?

I mean, it’s a good thing if you actually want complete words highlighted, but what if you don’t? What if you truly wanted to highlight a strange segment? Now what?

Well, I can think of several options, but the first seems to be unique to Word. (At least I myself couldn’t get PowerPoint to cooperate with this method). The first option I have to offer is the Alt key. If you hold down the Alt key while highlighting, Word will let you highlight any rectangular shape, meaning partial lines and words.

That’s a good plan for Word, but what about when you’re working in PowerPoint? Wouldn’t it be nice to control this problem with one consistent method so you’re not switching back and forth depending upon where you’re currently working?

To that end, I have a couple of suggestions that work in both programs.

The first is to highlight using the keyboard. Use the Shift key combined with arrow keys and you’ll get exact highlighting every time.

Another idea is to simply turn off the setting that’s actually causing the complete word highlighting.

So, let’s go find it.

You’ll first need to get to the Options window. (Tools menu, Options choice).

Now, you’re looking for the Edit tab.

The Edit tab in PowerPoint is slightly different than the one in Word, but in both cases, you’re looking for the option labeled as “When selecting, automatically select entire word.”

Uncheck this option and click OK.

Voila! Now your highlighting is completely within your control!

~ April