Color Your E-mail

Want to spice up your e-mail a little, but not too much? Maybe just a quick color change would be the perfect fit for you. A different color can add some jazz to the e-mails you send out without making them too “busy” to look at. Maybe you’ve been using plain old black text for all your e-mails. Well, how does blue or green sound?

To change the color of your text in Outlook Express, go to Tools, Options and click on the Compose tab. Next, click on the Font Settings button for the Mail section. Once in there, look for the Color drop down menu and choose which one you would like to use. There are several beautiful color choices. Once you have picked, click OK and you’re all set.

From now on, all of the text you type in your e-mails will show up in that color. If you ever want to change it back to black, just follow the same directions to do so. While you’re in that menu, you can also pick a different font and font size if you want. Maybe change it to something a little more fancy or maybe something a little easier to read. The options are endless!

My favorite choice is the Georgia font, bold in the color purple, size 14! What’s yours?!

~ Erin