Edit Without Ungrouping

Do you frequently group drawing objects in any of the MS Office Suite programs?

When you go back later and suddenly want to change a font size, line color or fill color, do you ungroup it all to make changes?

And when you’re done, you end up doing a regroup. Am I right?

Feel like you’re repeating yourself yet?

Well, here’s something about that group you may be interested in knowing.

You can sub-select items from the group for changes to colors, shadows, lines, as well as, changes to text in shapes or text boxes, all without ungrouping!

All you have to do is click once to select the group, then with the group still selected, click on the shape that needs the changes.

Voila! You should see the specific element selected and now you’re free to make changes to that individual item.

That’s it! Two clicks and you’re making changes without an ungroup in sight!

~ April