Stop That Clicking Sound

Stop That Clicking Sound

Have you ever noticed that when you click a link in Internet Explorer, there is a distinct “clicking” sound that plays through your speakers? As if the actual click of the mouse button wasn’t realistic enough! If you’ve never heard that sound, you should consider yourself lucky, because by default, it is always activated. At first, it’s unnoticeable, but as you become more experienced with surfing the Web and you begin to follow links to your favorite Web sites, you will start to hear it more frequently. Luckily, there is an easy way to turn this sound effect off. Let’s see how!

First, you need to find the Control Panel. In Windows XP, the Control Panel can be located right from the Start menu, as shown below. For Windows 95/98/Me/NT, click on the Start button, choose Settings and then click on the Control Panel icon.

Once you have the Control Panel open, you’ll need to search for the Audio properties. In Windows XP, you will find that under Sounds and Audio Devices, if you’re in the Classic View. If you’re in the Category View, you will first need to click on Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices, followed by Sounds and Audio Devices.
(To see whether you are in the Classic or Category view, simply refer to the first box in the blue column on the left hand side of the Control Panel window).

Below is a screenshot from the Windows XP Control Panel in the Classic View:

Here is one of the Windows XP Control Panel in the Category View:

For older computers, you can find the same settings by clicking on Sounds and Multimedia Properties or simply Sounds, depending on the version of Windows you’re using.

Now, once you’ve clicked on the Sounds and Audio Devices icon, you will see the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties window. Across the top of that screen, you will see various tabs that can take you to different parts of the Properties area. Go ahead and click on the Sounds tab.

In the second half of the screen, you will see a scroll menu that lists all of the Windows sounds in different categories. Scroll down until you reach the Windows Explorer category and then click on the Start Navigation option.

When you click on the Start Navigation sound, a drop down menu will become available at the bottom of the window. This is where you can change the sound for each action. Click on the drop down arrow and a list of available sounds will appear. The one at the very top is the one we want. Find it and select [None].

Once you select [None], the last step is to click the OK button at the bottom.

Ah, silence sure is golden, isn’t it?!

So, the next time you click on a hyperlink in Internet Explorer, you will no longer have to listen to that artificial clicking sound that has plagued you for far too long!

~ Brandon Freund

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