Who is Sick?

Who is Sick?

Have you ever been sick with something that everyone says is going around? Well, what if you could see who was sick in your area and what was wrong with them? Now you can! It’s a weird concept, I know, but I think it will really take off due to everyone’s curiosity!

When you first go to the Web site, you will be greeted with a pop up that explains how to use the site in four steps. They are Post, Search, Discuss and Analytics. After you check that out, you can choose to close it with the red button in the top right corner or with the blue button in the bottom right corner that will not only close it, but make sure it doesn’t show up again.

After you’ve gotten out of the instructions, you will find that the site is basically a Google map with a tabbed panel to the left. On the first tab, you’ll find the place where you can post if you are sick.

Just type in your zip code, fill in the checkboxes with your symptoms, fill in your age, gender and give any more details if you’d like. Next, click the Post button. I filled one out, because I’ve got a cough, a runny nose and body aches. The map updated my information and I noticed there weren’t too many people near me that are sick.

Are you healthy? Well, you can still see who’s sick! Just click on the Search tab. Here you can search by zip code, symptoms and more.

On the right side, under the graph, you’ll see a listing of symptoms you can filter by. That allows you to search by more symptoms than what is offered within the checkboxes.

So, all in all, this site is another interesting use of the Google map that allows you to keep track of the sickness trends in your area. It’s just another way to keep yourself healthy. Check it out!


~ Amanda

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