Pugs have a charm all of their own! So much so, they have a fan following of pet owners, cute enthusiasts and even casting directors. Here at the Pug Center, you can learn all about Pugs, as well as, check out photos of them!

Navigation is pretty easy as well. You’ll find all the links you need to explore right under the Navigation heading. The sections are as follows:

Pug Information Center – Here you will be able to gather all sorts of information about the pug breed of dog. You can learn the dog’s history, as well as, find out about famous pugs and pug owners. You can even check out the pug buying guide if you want to make one of these little guys your companion.

Forum – Here you can discuss pugs with other people, check out the images they have posted and share your own. There are also forums set up for: Introductions, Food/Medical, Pug Behavior and more.

Pug Blog – Are you ready to meet Django the Pug?! Well, welcome to his blog. Here you’ll learn about a day in the life of a pug, as well as, see adorable pictures of him and some videos too!

Image Gallery – Here you will find three galleries of pug cuteness! The one of the pug puppy lying in his food bowl is just so adorable.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Pug of the Month photo. Clicking on that photo will take you to the most recent Pug of the Month. Keep in mind, it’s not the one shown under the November slot. Also, to see previous Pugs of the Month, click here.

I hope you enjoy this foray into pugs as much as I have!


~ Amanda