Have you ever been involved in a flaming match? Not sure how to answer that, because you don’t know exactly what it means? Well, allow me to give you a brief description and let’s just say, I hope none of you have! According to techterms.com, the term “flaming” is basically “the act of posting or sending offensive messages over the Internet.” The actual messages are called “flames” and they can be posted on message boards, sent in e-mails or even sent through an instant messaging program. Keep reading for all the details!

It’s no surprise that discussion forums are the biggest hotspot for flaming. It’s easy to start a flame war (also called “pie fights”) on a message board, because there are several people using it at once and if someone takes something the wrong way, it could lead to some trouble between certain members. Of course, it’s unfortunate that flaming even happens. I mean, most people go to a forum for help, not to listen to a bunch of people insulting one another. Flaming really puts online forums in a negative light, so if you want to avoid a flame war, you should be considerate of other people’s views and keep your comments to yourself.

Now, I know flaming occurs on WorldStart’s message board every once in awhile and several of you have probably witnessed it. We here at WorldStart do not take flaming lightly and we urge you to refrain from participating in it or report anything you may see. When you’re talking to other people over the Internet, it’s very easy to misunderstand something someone says, but if you just ignore it and move on, you’ll be much better off. The same goes for any flames that may show up in your e-mail or during an IM session. Flaming really isn’t necessary when we can all be civil adults instead!

~ Erin