Organizing Your Bookmarklets

Organizing Your Bookmarklets

At the end of yesterday’s tip, I promised you we’d discuss organizing your bookmarklets and that’s exactly what I intend to do! You may be feeling that with all of the bookmarklets you’ve acquired, there is no room left for your regular favorite links. Well, after today, that will no longer be the case! We will be solving that problem by creating a special folder for all of your bookmarklets. Let’s get started, shall we?!

First, I’ll give you the instructions for Internet Explorer 7, followed by Firefox.

1.) Open Internet Explorer 7 and press the Alt key.

2.) The below menu will then appear. Select Favorites, followed by Organize Favorites.

3.) Select the Links folder and then click New Folder.

4.) Go ahead and name the folder “Bookmarklets.”

5.) One by one, drag and drop all of your bookmarklets into the Bookmarklets folder.

6.) On your Links toolbar, you now have a neat little drop down list of all your bookmarklets. You now have plenty of space for all of your favorite Web sites!

Now, let’s move on to Firefox. This will be a little bit easier than Internet Explorer.

1.) First, right click on the Bookmarks toolbar and select New Folder.

2.) Once again, name it “Bookmarklets.”

3.) Next, just drag and drop all of your bookmarklets into the new folder.

4.) Voila! You’re now done and you have your own custom list of bookmarklets.

Now, I urge you to go on and enjoy your bookmarklets like you’ve never been able to before!

~ Neil Patel

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