Replacing Your iPod’s Battery

Here’s the scenario: you’ve charged up your iPod when all of the sudden, the battery drains out and you’re just not in a position to replace the existing one with a brand new one. Well, luckily, there’s an easy fix for that. You could call Apple and they will replace the battery for you, but that will cost you significantly and you will also have to wait a week or two for it. So, why do that when replacing the battery yourself is as easy as one, two, three?! Just follow these simple steps and you will never have to depend on Apple or a repairman for anything related to your iPod battery. Just one warning before we begin though: Practice patience while replacing your battery. I urge you not to do anything in a hurry. Alright, let’s get started!

Tools to Employ

You’ll need one hard plastic wedge, but don’t use any metal tools, as they could damage the body of your iPod. You can purchase such tools from Or, you could also use a hard plastic guitar pick, just not the ones made with rubber.

Shopping for a Battery

You can buy replacement batteries from, and (just as a few examples).

Removing Your Old Battery

1.) First, remove the back cover of your iPod. You can do that in one of many ways and then stick to the method you like the most.

2.) If there are no screws on the back of your iPod, use the plastic wedge to open it. Try to work the plastic wedge until you’re able to insert it between the metal back and the top cover. Try to do it without much force as well. Next, slide the wedge along the gap and pop in the tabs to release the back cover. Do this slowly by holding the case.

Now, you will be able to separate the front and back parts. Be sure not to pull the back cover off though, as the metal half of the case is connected to the top of the unit with a thin ribbon cable. To avoid any damages, carefully place the two halves of the case close to each other on a flat surface. You’ll then need to remove the hard drive, which is on top in a blue piece of rubber. Be careful, as it is connected to the board with a cable. Next, carefully disconnect the hard drive by lifting up the socket of the cable from the board.

Now, you have access to the battery. Slowly remove the battery from its compartment using the small wedge. Be very careful, because the battery is sitting on a circuit board. You need to make sure the wedge doesn’t touch the circuit board as well.

3.) Before you remove the battery, you need to disconnect the power cord located next to the circuit board.

4.) When you’ve done that, gently pull out the connector cord.

Replacing Your Battery

Next, go ahead and plug the connector on your new battery into the socket. Do not force it, as it will only fit in one way. Now, carefully fix the battery in its compartment. Go ahead and wrap the battery cord carefully around the circuit board, just like it was when you opened it. Then connect the hard drive again and put the metal iPod cover back on. That’s it!

Note: You should also charge your iPod for at least four hours before you use it again. Enjoy your new and improved iPod, my friends!

~ Zahid H. Javali