The Butterfly Universe

When Sonja was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, her husband J. began turning their house into a kaleidoscope of colors, because the doctor said the brighter colors would be easier for her to see. The results are amazing and their house is something joyful to behold. I just couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

I’m starting you on the About page, where you will find what the house looked like before it was painted and also find stories about Sonja and J. They have both lived interesting lives and have two gorgeous cats.

Next, you should head on over to the Pictures section. There you will find more in-depth photos of the Butterfly House. I adore the cheery entry way into their house with its awesome ceiling. I also love the mosaic globe and the sunny yellow cement. My only complaint would be that there aren’t enough pictures!

If you head over to the Articles section, you can read Scott Brown’s article about the Butterfly House and its residents. To read the full article, you will need a PDF reader and you can get one here for free. The article not only discusses Sonja and J. and their Butterfly House, but also Sonja’s condition of retinitis pigmentosa.

Under the Friends section, you can read some of the lovely letters they’ve received from people around the world, as well as, their memorial entry to Dr. William Wenner. You can also see a listing of where their house has been featured in different publications.

I adore the joy on their faces in the photos of them together, as well as, the joy their house has given other people. I hope it makes your day more cheery, as I know it has brightened mine!

~ Amanda