Firefox Downloads Times Two

Here are a couple new downloads for those of you who like to use the Firefox Web browser. The first one is called AdBlock Plus and the second is called Download Statusbar. Let’s check them out!

Have you ever had to deal with an annoying ad that came up on your computer screen every time you visit a Web page? I know I have! Well, luckily, there is a Firefox add on that will take care of those annoying ads for you. AdBlock Plus allows you to pick out ads that are bothering you and ban them for good from your computer screen. To do that, you just have to right click on the ad and choose AdBlock. After you block the ad, it will never appear again! You can find out more and download AdBlock Plus right here.

The second add on is not as much about getting rid of annoying ads, but it’s more about removing an annoying part of Firefox. I personally can’t stand the Download Manager in Firefox. It’s always getting in my way! So, if you feel the same, you should try the Download Statusbar. This simple add on removes the Download Manager and replaces it with a little menu bar at the bottom of your Firefox screen. When you download something again, the Download Statusbar will show up and give you the progress of your download. You can learn more about it and get the Download Statusbar here.

Both of these little add ons help to make your browsing experience a lot nicer. Remember, you need to have Firefox for these to work, so if you don’t have it and you’d like to give it a try, you can download it for free right from this Web site. Either way, I hope you enjoy these new downloads!

~ Gary