Are you ready to listen to the soundtrack of your life? I have to say, I am a real sucker for these kinds of Web sites that allow you to create custom music stations based on your music preferences and mood!

Here at Meemix, all you need to get started is the name of a song or an artist you like. The site will then give you a list to choose from and if what you’re looking for is there, great! Go ahead and choose it and it will start playing for you. If it didn’t find what you wanted, simply try a new search. Once you’ve found something you like (I did have to search several times, but then again, I like a lot of music that isn’t mainstream), it will ask you to register so that you can save your preferences.

Registration is very easy! All you have to do is click Register (it doesn’t even interrupt the song your station is playing), type in a username, click the button next to that to check its availability and then enter in a password. Next, it needs an e-mail address and for you to type in your confirmation image. That’s it! You are now logged in and Meemix is recording your preferences.

Now, you will notice on the left side of the screen that you have a station listing and beneath that, you have some slider bars for your Mood Control. The first one is surprise, the second is pulse and the third is volume. The first one (surprise) controls the variety of the station, playing tunes that are more of a variant than what you originally selected. This is a great way to discover music. The second one (pulse) controls the tone of the music. The left is more relaxed and the right is more upbeat and aggressive. The third controls the volume of the music.

Now, if you hear something you don’t like, you don’t have to keep listening to it. Just use the slider bar under the middle section of the page. Slide it all the way under and the station will move on. You may have to do this quite a bit at first, but it is very worthwhile, as your choices customize your station. Of course, if there is something you really like, make sure you rate it as “hot” so that you keep getting more music just like it!

Game Mode – This is a fun way to spend your time on Meemix! What you have to do is identify music you hear in the first 30 seconds. It is based off the music you listen to on your station, so you have a good chance of answering correctly. I got really addicted to it and made apprentice in no time at all! Each question is worth 12 points originally and it goes down as you use the hints. Of course, you get zero points if you answer incorrectly. If you click the X in the top right corner, you can go back to your station, where you can continue to listen to your music.

If you run into any problems, you can always check out the Quick Help section. You’ll find that button right above the station in the right hand side corner. There you will find some quick tips that will really help you out.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make your stations and enjoy!

~ Amanda