No Accidental Replacement Saves

Do you have an MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint file you frequently open, make changes to and then save under a new name? Is it important for you not to lose the original information? How many times have you accidentally overwritten the original information with the new file?

I bet the answer to that is something along the lines of, “Way too many to remember!” I’d also bet those experiences are better left forgotten, as they can be very frustrating moments.

Would you like a quick and fool proof method of using that file, without ever losing the original information?

I’m sure I heard a few “Yes!” answers out there, so let’s take a look!

Begin just like any other day: File menu, Open choice (or, for those of you with Office 2007, it’s the Office Button, Open choice).

In the Open window, navigate to find your file, as usual, but wait just one moment before you hit the Open button.

Have you ever noticed that the Open button has a down arrow at the end of it?

Take a look:

Yep, that’s right. The arrow indicates a menu of choices for that button. Go ahead and click that down arrow.

See the “Open as Copy” choice? Choose that.

Your program will then open a copy of the document (not the document itself), leaving the original version safe and sound!

No more information accidentally sent into computer oblivion. Yes!

~ April