Powered Up Arrow Keys in Word

I’m sure you all know the basic ways of navigating through an MS Word document using the Page Up, Page Down, Home, End and arrow keys, right? Well, today, I thought we would take a look at turbo charging what the arrow keys can actually do for you!

You all know the left and right arrow keys will move you one character in either direction. But, to give them a little oomph, try adding the Ctrl key.

  • The Ctrl key + the left or right arrow will move the cursor one entire word in the selected direction.

Up and down keys? You all know they will move you one line up or one line down.

  • Add the Ctrl key to the up or down arrow and suddenly, you’re moving up or down to the next paragraph beginning. (Note: The first time you use Ctrl + the up arrow, you’ll go to the top of the current paragraph. You’ll then have to use the key combination again to actually move up to the next paragraph).

There you have it. Arrow keys partnered up with the Ctrl key will really help you zip through your documents!

~ April