Formatting Lists with a Quick Click

Do you use a lot of numbered or bulleted lists in MS Word?

Are you using Word 2007?

If so, you may be interested in this little tidbit of information!

In older versions of Word, you had to go into the Bullets and Numbering dialogue window to make changes to numbering or bullet styles. It wasn’t a terribly long process, especially if you’re fond of the right click method, but you still had to go into that window each time you needed to make a change. And let’s face it, if you had a lot of changes to make, it was rather repetitive and tedious!

If you agree with me on that, you’ll be happy to know that things are a bit easier to access in Word 2007.

What you’re looking for is on the Home ribbon in the Paragraph section.

While you’ve always had buttons to quickly turn numbering and bullets on and off, these buttons are just a little different.

Take a look on the right side of those buttons.

Yep, that’s right. You’re seeing a down arrow that indicates you’ve got some easy access choices!

Click the down arrow on one of the buttons.

You’ll see that common choices are right there for your choosing. If you aren’t happy with those, you’ll find that you can create a new list format via the “Define new” choice at the very bottom.

But, if you see a style you do like, there’s no extra dialogue windows to open and close. Just a quick click and you’ve got instant access to the most common possibilities!

~ April