Print Free Graph Paper

This Web site would have been so helpful to have when I was in school, especially considering that in the last two years of high school, I used graph paper for Math, Science and Economics. Now, not only is this site 100 percent free, but it is really easy to use. Let’s get started!

You start by choosing one of eight types of graph paper. If you want to check out all your options, go right ahead! As you change the type of graph paper in the drop down box, you’ll see a description of the paper and what it is used for, as well as, an image of the graph paper you’ve selected. I learned a lot about graph paper just by reading each description.

Now, you need to select the size of paper you want to print with. Your options are: 8.5” x 11’ and A4 – 210mm x 297mm. Next, you choose the measuring units. Your options are inches or millimeters. Then just choose the graph paper you want (the options for this will change, depending on the type of paper you originally chose).

You’re all set to print now, so just click on the Print button. This will open the graph paper in a .PDF file, so you’ll need the Adobe Reader application, which you can get right here for free!

I think this is a great resource for students, teachers, engineers and other professionals alike. I hope you’ll bookmark it for future use. I already did!

~ Amanda