Track My Shipments

I originally hunted this Web site down for my roommate, but I thought you all might enjoy it as well. I like to tease her when she orders things online, because she stalks the tracking information like a fiend. I always ask her, “Is it here yet? Do you know if it’s here yet?” She gets very annoyed with me, but with this site, now she can stalk her packages all from one place!

To get started, you need to register (it’s free!) You’ll need an e-mail address, your first and last name and a password. Next, head on over to your e-mail to get your confirmation e-mail. Click the confirmation link and you’re right back on the site to get started!

It’s even pretty easy to learn how to use. All you have to do is forward your shipping e-mails to track at and then log in on the Web site to keep track of your shipping. That’s fairly easy, right?!

If you’re still a little confused or want to get as much information as you can on how to best use this site, just head over to the FAQ section. It answers all the questions you need to know to get started. Next, go over to the Screenshots section, where you’ll see pictures of what the different steps look like.

I bookmarked this site right away, because I do a lot of online shopping and I can already sense how often I’ll be using it. Plus, I know my roommate will be using it all the time too. Check it out today!

~ Amanda