The Tradition of Saint Valentine’s Day

This Web site begins with some of the lore behind the start of the Valentine tradition. It is thought that the festivals that predated our modern day Valentine’s Day started in the third or fourth century BC. After the introductory, you’ll see a whole listing of Valentine’s Day facts. There are some very interesting things listed there, so make sure you check it out!

Beneath the fact list, you’ll find the main menu and the sections are:

Legend of Saint Valentine – Here you will learn all about the many historical figures thought to be credited as Saint Valentine. There are three to seven individuals who may have been this figure. This section discusses the three recognized by the Catholic church.

Cupid…God of Love – Here you will learn the mythology behind Cupid and Eros, as well as, the love story between Eros and Psyche.

Rites and Superstitions – This is a neat section where you learn all about the rites and superstitions surrounding Valentine’s Day. Learn where “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve” originated, the precursor to Valentine cards and even what different symbols are associated with the holiday. You’ll also find a listing of what the different colors of roses are supposed to mean.

Bridal Lore and Customs – This ties into the rest of the site due to the fact that love brings people together in matrimony. Here you will learn all about the different lore behind popular bridal customs today and there are even more flower meanings here!

History of the Card – This is the section that brought me to this site. Originally, I was just going to write about this section, but then I stumbled onto the rest of the site and felt like I hit the Valentine jackpot! This section is devoted to the history of the Valentine’s card. Why do we exchange Valentine’s cards? What different styles of Valentine’s cards are there? Did you know there was a time when sending Valentine’s cards was banned? Learn all about that and more right here!

Around the World – In this section, you will discover different Valentine traditions from around the world. Starting in Australia and ending in Taiwan, you’re sure to find a tradition here that you knew nothing about!

The Infamous Massacre – Here you will learn about the infamous Valentine’s Day massacre that occurred in 1929. You’ll discover who the major players were, who got killed and what happened to Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

Well, I certainly hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day!

~ Amanda