IE 7 Cache Limit

Do you use Internet Explorer 7 for all of your Web browsing needs? Are you a new Internet Explorer 7 user? Either way, among other things, you have probably noticed some changes in IE 7’s cache size, compared to version 6. And that makes sense, because there is a huge difference! Microsoft basically revamped the cache feature in IE 7 and they did it all for your own good. Keep reading and I promise I’ll explain everything!

First of all, in Internet Explorer 6, the default cache limit was set to 10 percent of your overall hard drive size. I know that may not seem like a whole lot, but when you consider how big hard drives are made these days, it adds up rather quickly. If you have a large hard drive, your 10 percent will also be a big number and the more you fill up that space, the more it will slow down your computer. Do you now see where I’m going with this? Luckily, you can set your own cache limit in IE 7 so that you won’t ever have to worry about any slowdowns.

To create your own default cache size in Internet Explorer 7, go to Tools, Internet Options and then click on the General tab. Next, click on the Settings button, located under the Browsing History section. You can then set your cache limit under the heading of “Disk space to use.” You can tap out at 1 GB, but it’s recommended that you don’t go higher than 250 MB. Microsoft suggests you set it to 50 MB, but that’s up to you. Just remember, the bigger your cache limit, the more you put yourself at risk for slowdowns and corruptions. Reset yours today!

~ Erin