This is an awesome way to set up meetings, whether for work or if you need to get a study group together. Or, even if you just want to hang out with your friends! So, how does it work?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You just fill out your meeting’s name, your name and e-mail address, select the date from the calendar and then click Go. You will then be sent a confirmation via e-mail. Once you get that, you can then forward the information on to your meeting’s participants.

When they receive their e-mail, they’ll be taken to a page that is very much like the one you filled out. There they can select the dates that work the best for them, fill out their name and leave any comments they may have. When they’re finished, they just need to click Submit.

Once your participants start responding, you can use the second link in the e-mail to check on the status of the meeting. Also, from the data your participants filled out, the form will select the three best dates for you to have your meeting. It will also show any comments they have left for you.

I’ve been using this Web site to set up meeting times for a game night my friends and I have every couple of weeks. It works really well, because people can just answer on the form they’re given and there isn’t any back and forth indecisiveness. Give it a try for your meeting today!

~ Amanda