This is an interesting Web site where you use your mobile phone to ask questions and get answers! It’s free to join, but I’m guessing regular text message rates will apply.

To sign up, you need a username, password, your mobile phone number, your mobile carrier and your e-mail address. I read over their Terms and Agreement and they take security very seriously, as well as, correct information. So, I felt safe in sharing my phone number with them.

So, what is this service useful for? Well, you could settle bets, find restaurant/entertainment information or just get answers to some of those random questions that pop into your head!

I fully recommend you ping your phone first to see if it works for you. There are two ways to do this. You can text them or have them text you. To test your phone, go to the Test Your Phone link on the right side of the registration page. There you will find instructions on how to proceed.

I also saw a really cool blurb at the top of the page about getting birthday reminders sent to your phone! Just text the month and date, as well as, your friend’s name to It should look like this: MM/DD/Friend’s Name. Now, that’s a service I could really use!

This is definitely an interesting service and I’m looking forward to discovering all the ways it can be useful to me. Check it out for yourself today!

~ Amanda