New Release: Firefox 3 Beta 3

Before I begin, I just want you all to know that I am a little behind in getting this information to you and I do apologize for that. But, it’s better late than never, right?! As you may recall, awhile back, I told you about Firefox 3, a brand new version for the popular Web browser from Mozilla. I then went on to tell you about beta versions 1 and 2, which were released as downloads to the public. Well, it just so happens that beta version 3 was recently released and that’s what I’m here to talk about today. So, if you’ve been keeping up with the news on Firefox 3, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this. It’s rather interesting, if I do say so myself!

As I said before, on February 12, 2008, Firefox 3 Beta 3 was released and it is now available for download. Now, even though the beta 3 was released to the public, it’s not recommended that you download it just yet. The Mozilla company is still trying to get some feedback on the program, so this new version is basically meant for developers and testers only. You are able to download it yourself, but just keep in mind that you may run into a few snags when using it. There are still some bugs that need to be worked out before everyone can safely download and use Firefox 3.

With that being said, let me at least tell you about some of the new features included with the beta 3 version. First of all, there are several new and improved security features, including support for SSL certificates, malware protection and more antivirus integration. Some changes have also been made to make Firefox more user friendly, there are now more personalization options and many improvements have been made to the platform and performance features. That’s obviously a shortened version of everything Firefox 3 Beta 3 includes, but you can read more about it right here. Any questions you may have are answered there. As of right now, a final release date for Firefox 3 has not been set, but as soon as I hear anything, you will be the first to know!

~ Erin