A Cheaper Vista

Are you among the many who still haven’t made the switch over to Windows Vista? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Thousands of individual users and businesses alike are still using older operating systems like Windows XP. Some say they just don’t want to have to learn a whole new operating system, while others say they’re just waiting until the Vista SP 1 is released. Some people have even said they’re waiting because Vista is just too expensive. Is that why you’ve waited? If so, that’s all about to change!

I just received word the other day that Microsoft has decided to cut the price of Windows Vista in an attempt to sway more users into making the switch over to the new operating system. Here are the changes: Vista Ultimate is now going to be $319, down from $399; the Vista Home Premium version is now $129, down from $159 and the Home Basic upgrade version is going to be $219, down from $259. So, as you can see, they’re not drastic changes, but every little bit helps, right?!

Microsoft also announced that they will be lowering the prices for Vista in nearly 70 different countries and they wanted to make it clear that the price cuts will vary by country. The price changes are also going to coincide with the release of the SP 1, which should be sometime this month (March 2008). Since its release back in January 2007, Microsoft has sold over 100 million copies of Windows Vista and this just goes to show they’re hoping for 100 million more! So, tell me, are you going to run out and buy Vista for the lower price? Or, are you going to hang on to XP for awhile longer? The choice is yours, but at least you now have some new options!

~ Erin