DTV Answers

Are you aware that in 2009, all television sets will have to be digital in order to watch TV? I didn’t until I saw a commercial about it, but as soon as I heard, I went to hunt down some answers!

I have all sorts of questions about it. For starters, will my TV automatically convert or do I need a converter box? How do I tell if I need a box? Where do I get one? Well, this Web site will give you those answers, plus much more! You’ll find navigation along the gray strip near the top of the page. The sections are:

What is DTV? – Here you’ll not only learn what DTV is, but you will also learn what analog is, what equipment you need, what the transition is and more.

Why the switch? – Here you will learn why they are switching from analog signals to digital signals, as well as, what the benefits of DTV are.

Who’s affected? – This is where you will learn if you need a converter and if you do, what your options are.

How do I switch? – This section goes over the options you read about in the previous section more thoroughly.

Converter Box Details – Here you will learn when and where you can buy a converter, how and when to get a coupon to defray the cost, how to tell if you need a converter box and more. Note: Pay special attention to the red graphic on the left side of the page. That will take you to the page you need to apply for a converter box coupon.

Choosing an Antenna – This section talks more about antennas, what kind you need, how they may change and it points you to a Web site where you can get even more answers.

Time seems to fly so fast these days, so it’s a good idea to get a head start on sorting all of this out. That way, when February 2009 rolls around, you’re not in for a big shock or without a television!

~ Amanda