IEFix is a general purpose repair utility for Internet Explorer that repairs it by registering its core DLL files and reinstalling them by using the IE.INF file. IEFix is suitable for Windows 98/ME/2000 and XP systems.

IEFix can fix the following problems:

  • When you click a hyperlink in an e-mail message or on a Web page, you may experience one or more of the following issues:

    1.) Nothing happens.

    2.) The new window may be blank.

    3.) You may receive a scripting error message.

  • When you use the Print command or the Print Preview command in Internet Explorer, nothing happens.

  • When you try to connect to Web folders, you may receive the following error message: “The current operation could not be completed, because an unexpected error has occurred.”

  • The Internet Options Advanced tab is completely blank.

  • The Internet Explorer About box version information is completely blank.

  • The address bar search does not work.

  • You’re unable to type in text boxes on a search engine or on a Web site.

What IEFix Does

  • Registers the core Internet Explorer libraries.

  • Repairs Internet Explorer using the IE.INF method (in Windows XP).

  • Fixes the application path setting (in Windows XP).

Using IEFix for Yourself

  • Download IEFix right here and run it.

  • Click the Apply button.

  • You’ll then be prompted for your operating system CD or your Service Pack Files location.

    1.) If you’re using Windows XP, insert your operating system CD. For OEM systems, simply point to the operating system’s source path when prompted. Mention the path as “C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386.”

    2.) If you don’t have your Windows installation CD and if the installation source files are not present on your hard drive, you may click Cancel. IEFix will still continue with the DLL registration part.

    3.) Restart Windows.

IEFix is a great utility for the problems listed above. I hope it helps you solve some of yours!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami