Kill Dead Pixel

Do you have an LCD monitor that has a dead pixel somewhere on the screen? Those drive me crazy! But that won’t be happening anymore, because now, there’s something you can do to fix it! It isn’t a guaranteed fix, but it’s definitely worth a shot, right?

Just drag the image over to the dead pixel and leave it there for an hour. The image will massage the dead pixel and try to stimulate it back to life. So, how does the massage work, you ask? Well, the image is rapidly changing the dead pixel and the pixels around it.

If after an hour, it’s still dead, you can try another option. You can try the full screen version, but the downside is you have to leave it to do its work for 12 hours. Make sure you follow the directions carefully before you start the 12 hour massage.

You don’t want to leave any status bar visible during the process, because it may harm your LCD. Therefore, you need to put your Internet browser on full screen mode and hide all the bars.

This is fairly easy to use and it gives you a good shot at reviving those annoying dead pixels. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth a try!

~ Amanda