I’ve always heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But this Web site is twisting it up into, “A picture is worth a thousand answers.” That’s right, this site lets you post pictures that may be baffling you so that you can get some answers about them!

Like most Web sites nowadays, you have to register to use it, but don’t worry, it’s really easy! Just click on the Sign Up button, fill out your username, e-mail address and password and then agree to their terms and agreements. Then just click on the Sign Up button. My confirmation e-mail came instantly, so you should be good to go in a matter of seconds!

Getting answers is very easy. See the yellow Upload Pictures button? That’s where you want to start. Click Upload Pictures and you’re taken to the page where you can set up your picture question.

Fill out a title for your query and then fill out the short description box with your question about the picture you’re submitting. Next, choose a category to file it under. You then need to upload your image. Click on the Choose button and select the image you want off your computer. The next step is to fill in the tag line for the image. It’s best to select a few descriptive words for it.

The flip side of this coin is to answer people’s photo questions. You can do that by viewing the most recently submitted images or you can switch it over to Most Discussed or Most Popular. You’ll find those options underneath the featured item on the main page. You can also use the left hand side menu to browse through photographs by category.

To answer a picture question, just click Add Comment from the main listing. Or, if you’re on the picture’s page, just scroll down to the Add a Comment box. Type your response in the text box and click the Submit button.

This site makes it positively easy to get the answers you’re looking for. Whether you want to identify the spider you found in your bathtub or someone you have a photo of, it couldn’t be any easier to get an answer!


~ Amanda