Real Age

I often feel much older than 26, so when I stumbled across this quiz, I was anxious to know what my real age translated to when you add in all the factors of lifestyle and medical information.

This quiz takes information about your lifestyle, activities, health and habits to give you your real age, according to how you live and not by when your birth date is.

The quiz is very easy to take. To get started, just click the arrow on the page. The first question asks how old you are right now. Just use the slider to select your age. Next comes your gender, ethnicity and it then delves into your lifestyle choices, medical conditions, etc.

After you answer all the questions, it will calculate your real age. Mine came out to be 34.5, with a life expectancy of 65. That is about 10 years lower than the average life expectancy of 74.

It was really interesting to see how things you do or don’t do in your everyday life shape the age you feel like. For example, not smoking, always wearing your seatbelt and limiting the stress in your life will all lower your real age, whereas stress, medical background and smoking all increase your real age.

So, how old do you feel? Does it match your Real Age results? Check it out today!

~ Amanda