FF 3 vs. IE 8

Ever since I told you about the release of the first Internet Explorer 8 beta, several of you Firefox users out there have been e-mailing me in a frenzy. It seems as if a lot of you are worried that the new version of IE is going to “take over” Firefox. And while I understand your concerns, I still say there’s no way that could happen. First of all, both Web browsers have their own lot of fans and for that reason alone, neither one of them is going anywhere. All in all, whether you’re a Firefox user or an Internet Explorer user, you have nothing to worry about!

In fact, in some ways, both browsers come out on top. As you probably know, both of them have brand new versions coming out in the very near future. Final release dates have not yet been announced, but betas for both Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 have already debuted. Each one is obviously coming with its own set of new features as well, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. In my opinion, both new versions are very unique, so no matter which browser you prefer to use, you’re still going to reap the benefits!

Let’s go over a few examples. For starters, IE 8 is coming with a couple new features called Web Slices and Activities. With Web Slices, you will be able to subscribe to any part of a Web site at any time, which will be very handy and useful. Even more, the Activities function will give you more menus to work with so that you can do more with the Web pages you visit. On the other hand, Firefox 3 will still have all of the ever popular add ons and plug-ins, as well as, a new download manager and a brand new bookmarking system. As you can see, each of the new browsers are bringing more to the table and there will be something for everyone. So, stop worrying and start focusing on getting yourself ready for your new browser of choice!

~ Erin