Health Inspections

Health Inspections

This is a Web site dedicated to bringing you access to health inspection reports for restaurants, hotels and other public places.

To start off, I would definitely begin in the How to Read Health Inspections section. You’ll find it along the navigation tab near the top of the page. I started there, because what good is it going to do you to check out an inspection report if you don’t know what it all means? In this section, you will also find a glossary of terms.

Inspector Talk Webcast – Here you’ll find audio Webcasts that will bring you the latest in health inspection news. You can also listen to previous Webcasts by clicking on the links beneath the player.

Videos – This is very similar to the Webcast section, but here you will find video reports on topics like drinking fountains, lemons, salads and more.

News/Articles – This section contains the text versions of the reports you’ll find in the video and audio sections.

Now, let’s check out why I’m bringing you this site today! You can search for health inspection reports for your local area and it’s really easy to do too!

Notice the lime green bar underneath the navigation bar? Well, on the right side of that, you’ll find a blank text box where you can type in your zip code. Once you do, just hit Go.

If you’re still on the main page, all you need to do is type in your zip code in the area with the map of the U.S. That will show you all the places near you that have public records of health inspection reports.

I was disappointed to find that only Hamilton County and Columbus in Ohio had reports available to consumers. But I think that will certainly change over time. Whether you’ve had a bad meal or you want to check out a place before you go there, this site can provide you with some very useful information!

~ Amanda

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