I Can’t Find It Anywhere!

Have a command or button from your old version of MS Office that you just can’t seem to locate on the ribbons in Office 2007?

Getting frustrated with its absence?

Well, I have a suggestion of one more place to look and maybe, just maybe, you can get it back!

We’re going to see if the little Quick Access Toolbar they so nicely included could be the answer we need.

The first step is to click the down arrow to the right of the toolbar.

From the list, go to the bottom and choose More Commands.

When the program’s Options dialogue window opens, you’re looking for the “Choose commands from” field.

From the drop down list, choose Commands Not in the Ribbon.

Below that, an entire list of commands will be displayed. Take a look through them and if you’re lucky, what you’ve been looking for will be there!

If it is, select the command and click on the Add button in the middle of the window.

Click OK to return to the program where you can see your new and improved Quick Access Toolbar. Yes!

~ April