Over and Over Again

Do you use MS Outlook’s calendar feature? Do you have some appointments (such as weekly staff meetings or daily deadlines) you enter into your calendar repeatedly?

If so, Outlook can make those repetitive entries for you! To set an appointment as a recurring event, you need to first open the appointment.

Now, go to the Recurrence choice. In older versions of Outlook, you’ll find it under the Actions menu. In Outlook 2007, you’ll find it on the Appointment ribbon.

When the Appointment Recurrence window opens, you’ll have a few decisions to make.

At the top, you’ll need to enter in information pertaining to the time of the appointment.

Below that, you’ll find the Recurrence Pattern section. On the left side, choose how often the appointment should be entered into your calendar. As you make that choice, you’ll notice that the right side changes. It does that because each pattern will require different information in order for Outlook to manage things properly. Once you’ve chosen between daily, weekly, monthly or a yearly recurrence, be sure to complete the information needed to the right.

At the bottom of the window, you’ll need to choose when to start including the appointment and when to stop it (if ever).

Once you make all your choices, click the OK button.

You’ll then be returned to the appointment window. When you Save and Close that window, your appointment will be repeated throughout your calendar, just as you requested.

Need to stop the recurrence of an appointment? No problem!

If you return to the Appointment Recurrence window (open the appointment and find the Recurrence choice), you’ll find a button labeled Remove Recurrence. Click that and then work your way back out to the calendar, saving as you go.

Poof! The appointments are gone.

No more entering those appointments over and over again!

~ April