Twixtr (pronounced Twicher) allows you to share your location, a message and a photo with all your friends!

Registration is very easy. You just need a username, e-mail address, password and the code to prove you’re human. Then you can go on and send e-mail invitations to your friends.

I don’t recommend typing in your e-mail password and letting a service access your account, but you can send e-mail invitations manually just below that. Or, you can choose to skip that step, which is what I did.

Next, you’ll fill out your profile information, which is basically your name, a short bio and your location. The location is just necessary so that your friends know where you are.

You should now be ready to begin a new post. For that, you need to click on New Update at the top of the page. There you will have a form where you can post your updated location if you’re not in the one you signed up with. Next, type out a message with up to 140 characters and then upload your image.

Now, this Web site is truly designed for mobile communication, so if you have a cell phone with e-mail capability, you can also send posts by phone. For more information on how that works, click here.

I think Twitxr is a very interesting way of keeping in touch with your friends. Check it out today!

~ Amanda