Happiness Formula

Is there a formula to being happy? Well, on this Web site, you can discover the Science of Happiness! There is a ton of information here to cover, so I’m going to leave you to discover some of it on your own, but I will share some of my favorite sections with you!

There are videos you can watch all along the right hand side of the page. Each one covers a different perspective of the topic. You’ll find everything from tips on how to achieve happiness to what motivates us to be happy to the politics surrounding happiness and so on.

My favorite article here is “Happiness is Smile Shaped.” It discusses happiness and age. The surprising thing is that when you graph it out, it takes the shape of a smile. I love quirky things like that!

Happiness Test – Here you can test your level of happiness. It is a five question quiz in which you rate your responses from one to seven (one being Strongly Disagree and seven being Strongly Agree). It is a fairly generic quiz that will show you the level of satisfaction you have with your life.

Happiness Tips – I love this section! Here you will find out how other people answered the question: “What makes you happy?” It is really interesting to me to see how other people find happiness, how they view it and what it means to them. I find great happiness in caring for my pets and their companionship. They are just so goofy and can always coax me out of a bad mood.

My own sense of happiness is something I’m working hard to change. I’ve started taking the first steps by applying to college, which is something I was afraid to do right out of high school. But now, I feel like I am truly prepared to enter into higher education and do well with it.

So, tell me, what are you doing to make yourself happy?!


~ Amanda