Insert Quick Parts Quicker

So, if you followed Friday’s discussion on Quick Parts in MS Word 2007, you know they can easily be inserted into your document at the place where the cursor is sitting.

But what if you want the building block somewhere else? You know, like a header, footer or maybe at the end of the document.

Do you absolutely have to put your cursor at the other location in order to insert the building block?

Well, that depends on where the other location is.

There is another way to insert building blocks from the Quick Parts Gallery, without ever moving your cursor!

Obviously, you still need to go to the Insert ribbon, Quick Parts button. But this time, don’t just click on the building block you need. Instead, right click on the building block of your choice.

You’ll find that an entire list of insertion points are available with the right click.

If one of the locations is appropriate, go ahead and choose it. If not, you’ll have to move your cursor to the insertion point manually.

But, as you can see, you can get the building block into a header or footer, without even opening one up. Talk about a time saver!

~ April