Seurat and the Making of La Grande Jatte

You already know how much I love the artist Georges Seurat! Luckily, I found a Web site dedicated to the making of Seurat’s famous painting: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.

You’ll find navigation on the side menu. The menu is pretty much a jump menu. For example, you can click on a link and it will jump you down to that section. As you read the section, you’ll notice green links interspersed throughout the text as well.

If you click on those links, a window will pop up with more information on that topic, along with an image as well.

I was quite impressed with how thorough the information is for a painting that is over 100 years old! I adored the link to the image Le Bec Du Hoc. I just want to go and stand at the top of it and look down at the ocean.

You can also go to the Selected Works section to see all of the images together as thumbnails. When you click on a thumbnail, you’ll get the same information that the links provide.

I hope you enjoy this further look into Seurat’s painting. I know I did!…rat_themes.html

~ Amanda