Adjusting Your Status

Have you converted over to MS Office 2007? If so, do you often find yourself staring at the status bar, wondering where everything went?

You know, the bar across the bottom of the program window that gives you handy information like page, line and column numbers.

With the new programs, you may have noticed a few additions to the status bar. Or, maybe more than the additions, you’re missing something you used to use quite regularly.

Looking for a way to find those missing items? Maybe you’re looking for a way you can customize the status bar to better suit your needs.

Either way, that’s not a problem! Here’s what MS Office 2007 has to offer.

Once you’re in one of the Office 2007 programs, you’ll need to right click on the status bar.

A list should then open up, giving you different options you can use to customize the status bar. (The list shown here is for Word, but each program has a different list, so you’ll have to take a look at each program you use).

Any option checked is currently active. All the others are still available to be activated.

Check and uncheck the options as you see fit and then click outside the list.

Voila. The status bar is finally tailored to fit your needs!

~ April