Service Beacon

You love your car, but you can’t ever remember when it needs to be serviced. Am I right? That happens to my roommate all the time. She’s never able to remember when she had the oil changed last or the tires rotated or the brakes checked, etc. So, I went hunting for a Web site to help her out and I found Service Beacon!

I started my visit here by taking the tour. It will walk you through the features of Service Beacon and it allows you to decide if you want to sign up for its service or not. After the tour, I decided to go for it! I am a very online oriented person and it will help me keep track of my car (and even my roommate’s!)

If after the tour, you still have questions, head on over to the FAQ section. All the questions I had were answered there. It covers questions that may arise about your car, where you have it serviced, transferring, log in issues and more. My question was about the dealership aspect of the process. I don’t have my car serviced at the dealership, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use this service. I thought that was excellent!

Signing Up – This is really easy to do! Just click on the New User? Sign Up button and create a username and password for this site. Fill out the personal information form and then click on the Sign Up button. They’ll then send you a confirmation e-mail, which could take up to 15 minutes to receive.

When you log in, you will start the process of adding your car to the site. I got my car from one of my roommate’s family members, so I just checked the box that read “I can’t find my dealer.” You can check off whichever dealer yours came from though. Then just fill in the rest of the required fields and you’ll be on your way!

The next step will show you all of the things that should have been serviced on your model car in correspondence with its current mileage. I can see there was a recall on a door hinge in 2005 for my car and I’m overdue on a lot of the basic services my car needs. For example, oil change, filter change, brake check, etc.

Check the boxes next to the services you’d like to have done on your car and then click Add Selected Services. It’s just that easy to get started! You’ll then start receiving reminders for your car almost instantly. They even estimate from your mileage when you’ll reach another service point. For example, they estimate 30,000 miles on my car to hit in July 2008. Cool, huh?!

You can really take care of your car with the help of this Web site. Check it out today!

~ Amanda