Caller Complaints

I’ve just about had it with telemarketers! They’re calling more frequently and at inappropriate times. Plus, with the idea they’re trying to scam me looming in the back of my mind, I’m about ready to stop answering the phone!

But now, there is something we all can do about it: complain! Not only can you vent your frustrations about a specific company calling your house or cell phone, but you can research the number and see what other people have to say about them as well.

In the middle of the page, you’ll see a search field. Just type in the number you want to look up and click Search. That will bring up a page that displays the number of times it has been searched, the complaints for the number, as well as, a complaint form for you to fill out.

Beneath the search field, you will see columns for recently searched numbers divided up by the last seven days, the last 30 days and all the time. Below the columns, you’ll see the color code for the bullets by the numbers.

On the side menu, you will find three sections:

File a Complaint – This one will take you directly to the complaint form. If you scroll past the form, you will find helpful tips about how to give the best detail in your complaint.

Stop Telemarketers – Here you will find five articles that will not only make you more aware of what is going on, but also how you can fight back. I am incredibly sick of spoof numbers! 000-000-0000 is what will show up on your caller ID, which is simply an attempt to hide the caller’s identity. I get anywhere from three to six of those kinds of calls a day. Talk about annoying! I highly recommend reading the second article in this section, as it explains in more detail how spoof IDs work.

About Caller Complaints – Here you will learn all about why this Web site was started and what it does.

I hope this site helps you out with your telemarketer problem as much as it did for me!

~ Amanda