Common Craft

My mom often calls me with questions that are pretty hard for me to explain to her. One time, it was “What is a blog?” And that was followed by, “How did you find out about them?” Oy vey! Well, now, whenever she asks me a question, I point her right to this Web site. It’s called Common Craft and it’s devoted to explaining complex ideas in plain English. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?!

For example, a lot of the sites I recommend have RSS feeds. Since I’m on the Internet almost everyday for several hours, that’s nothing new to me. But, for someone like my mom, it’s a brand new concept and she has no clue what it is. So, instead of me trying to find the words to explain it over the telephone, I can send her the video from this site called “RSS Feeds in Plain English.”

Not only does the video explain how to use an RSS feed, but it explains why you’d want to and how it can be beneficial. After my mom learned about RSS feeds, she was very excited to start using them. She can now get her favorite news and blog updates in one spot, without having to search for anything!

So, how does Common Craft work? Well, you simply select a topic you’d like to learn about in plain English and then click on the video for it. Then you just watch and learn!

I chose the RSS feeds video, because my mom had asked me about it and honestly, after watching it, I feel a lot more knowledgeable about the topic. If you want to check it out too, just click on the link for it on the main page and then click the video to start it. Or, you can click the “Click to Play” link underneath the video itself.

Beneath the video, you’ll find a brief description of what the video is about, as well as, other recommended videos you may find to be helpful. If you want to share the video, you can do so on your own blog with the code that’s provided. Below all that, you’ll find some comments the video has received from other viewers as well.

To find more videos on the main page, just click on the link that says “The Common Craft Show.” Or, you can check out the videos listed at the bottom of the page under the Most Viewed and Popular Right categories.

I hope you find these videos as incredibly useful as I already have!

~ Amanda