Another reader asks: When I go to search on Google, I always see two options: Google Search and I’m Feeling Lucky. What does the I’m Feeling Lucky button do? If you could clear that up for me, I’d really appreciate it!

Oh, this is such a fun question! First of all, if you see the I’m Feeling Lucky button when you’re searching on Google, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your computer. It’s just another fun little Google innovation that’s supposed to save you time while you’re searching. Let’s check it out!

To begin, here’s what the I’m Feeling Lucky button looks like:

The I’m Feeling Lucky option returns the first result that would have come up in a normal Google search. For example, go to Google, type “WorldStart” into the search box and press Enter on your keyboard. The first thing that comes up is the WorldStart homepage.

Now, if you were to press the I’m Feeling Lucky button, it would give you a direct link to the WorldStart homepage instead. For instance, click on I’m Feeling Lucky and you’ll be taken to

Note: You need to be careful when you use this button! When you’re using the I’m Feeling Lucky option, there’s no way of knowing what Web site you will be taken to, unless you’ve visited it before. When you use the normal Google search, you can select the Web site you’d like to visit. That’s the main difference between the Google Search and I’m Feeling Lucky buttons, but it surely is fun to switch it up sometimes!

So, tell me, are you feeling lucky today?!

~ Brandon Zubek